Reduce Shipping Costs and Go Green with Custom Boxes and Litco Pallets

A recent online survey conducted by Peerless Research Group for Packsize International cites reduced shipping costs as the primary concern of logistics and materials handling professionals seeking to improve operational efficiencies.  The study was based on findings from 521 logistics and materials handling managers responsible for the daily shipment of more than 2,000 packages from their respective facilities.

Although this survey is welcome news to executives at Packsize International, a company specializing in the manufacture of lean corrugated packaging systems used to create custom size boxes, this research also reinforces the message we share with our prospects and customers:  lighter pallet solutions can substantially reduce shipping costs.Our pallets are 60% lighter than traditional hardwood pallets, and thanks to a unique nestable design feature, presswood pallets offer a space saving ratio of 4-1 over conventional wooden pallets.

In addition to lowering shipping costs, the survey also found 66% of respondents citing environmental sustainability as a concern. Again, this is more good news for a company manufacturing equipment to reduce corrugated use by creating the perfect size box for every application.  While this study focuses primarily on box use and packaging, environmentally-minded logistics and materials handling managers would also do well to examine their company’s pallet use too.  Because Litco Pallets are made using damaged logs and related wood products that might otherwise wind up in landfills, our presswood pallets are certified sustainable.

Many of today’s logistics professionals are looking for sustainable packaging and palletizing solutions that reduce shipping costs, minimize product damage, and result in greater workflow efficiencies.  Litco Presswood Pallets and “On-Demand” Packaging from Packsize International provide cost effective and environmentally friendly solutions to these challenges.   If your facility ships using corrugated boxes, be sure to check out the Packsize International website.  And remember, we always welcome the opportunity to discuss your domestic and export pallet requirements as well!


Reduce Shipping Costs and Go Green with Custom Boxes and Litco Pallets