44″ x 44″ Molded Wood Pallet

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44″ x 44″ Heavy Duty nestable, export-ready, molded wood pallet.


44″ x 44″ Heavy Duty nestable, export-ready, molded wood pallet.

Molded Wood Pallet Features & Benefits:

Cost-Effective: A great low cost alternative to conventional wooden and plastic pallets; can be used multiple times, yielding a lower cost per trip.

Lightweight and Durable: 60% lighter than conventional hardwood pallets, while maintaining their structural integrity, they are comparable in strength and exceed stiffness when compared to conventional GMA style wooden pallets and even stiffer than more expensive plastic pallets. They are durable enough to be reused and inexpensive enough to be expendable, making them ideal for return and reuse programs where pallet loss is difficult to manage.

Nestable Space-Saving Design: Space saving ratio of 4-1; provide great space and handling/storage cost savings both in the warehouse and in shipping.

Cargo Protection: One-piece design with no nails or staples and rounded corners – reduces product and package damage and helps to minimize employee and customer injuries during handling.

Export-Ready: Molded Presswood pallets are not regulated by IPPC-ISPM 15 because they are considered “processed wood”. The high heat manufacturing process eliminates the need for any additional treatments against pests for overseas shipping. They are acceptable for export into any country.

Environmentally responsible: Produced using less energy with a high heat and pressure process to turn damaged logs, wood waste and other wood by-products into new molded wooden pallets.

Sustainability: Cradle to Cradle Certified© Silver by MBDC which verifies the use of healthy materials and eco-intelligent design.

Because they are free of nails, insect pests, mold and fungus, Molded Wood (Inca Presswood) Pallets are ideal for:

  • Retail – Point-of purchase
  • Grocery
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Chemicals
  • Electronics

Additional information

Weight 38.500000 lbs

Export Ready, FIBC Bulk Bag, Pharmaceutical

Pallet Size

44" x 44"

Dynamic Load Capacity

1,500 lb, 2,000 lb, 2,500 lb

Bulk Order Quantity

250 or More

Bulk Order Lead Time

Ships Within 7 Days

Standard Order Quantity

100 or Less

Standard Order Lead Time

Ships Within 48 Hours

Product Weight

38.5 lbs

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