Center Drop Void Filler

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Center Drop Void Filler

Single Drop-Down System Fills Center Voids Between Unit Loads, Prevents Lateral Cargo Shift and Reduces Shipping Damage

This custom load securement system expands to fill center voids between unit loads. It protects cargo from side-to-side shifts in trailers, containers and rail cars. Litco Center Drops are significantly faster and easier to install than traditional Air Bags. Their diamond-shaped construction forms a durable, accordion-style design, making them easy to store flat and reuse.

Corrugated Void Fillers

Custom-Made to Order

All Litco corrugated void fillers are custom-made to order based on your company’s typical shipping methods, load sizes and the empty spaces within your shipping containers.

Three main factors help us determine the ideal void fill system, ensuring you receive maximum value based on your specific needs:

Our damage prevention specialists are ready to help you determine the best allocation of blocking/bracing void fill and dunnage products based on your needs. Contact us today to learn more.