Void Fill Panels Overview

Void Fill Panels

Litco's Void Fill Panels Secure Cargo, Enhance Air Bag Performance, and Provide Cost-Effective Alternative to Plywood or OSB

Litco offers three void fill panels to effectively block and brace cargo: the Bulkhead Panel, LITLoad® Separator and the A-Frame. Each provides unique solutions for securing cargo, enhancing safety and optimizing space during transport. These panels cater to various shipping needs, ensuring cargo remains stable and protected.

Litco’s Corrugated Bulkhead Panels prevent side-by-side or lateral shift in boxcars, trailers and intermodal containers. They reinforce and enhance Air Bag performance and can also fill pallet underhang (when cargo is smaller than pallet).

The LITLoad Separator® is a cost-effective, splinter-free alternative to plywood or OSB dividers. AAR-approved, it prevents cargo from shifting in railcars, truck trailers, and shipping containers. Ensures secure positioning of heavier loads above lighter ones, reducing the risk of toppling.

Litco’s A-Frame Void Filler when used together with Litco’s LITLoad Separator®, prevents cargo from shifting to the nose of a trailer and also ensures proper weight distribution.

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