Dunnage Air Bags & Inflator Tools

Airbags Before and After

Dunnage Air Bags & Inflator Tools

Protect Your Valuable Cargo with Cost-Effective, Inflatable Dunnage Air Bags

Inflatable Dunnage Air Bags are a reliable way to stabilize your cargo and minimize shipping damage. They are used in trucks, overseas containers and rail cars. Durable and easy to install—Air Bags fill voids, brace loads, absorb vibrations and protect cargo from in-transit damage. Litco offers a full line of Kraft Paper Dunnage Air Bags, Polywoven Dunnage Air Bags and inflator tools to meet your budget and shipping requirements.

A photo showing multiple different Litco Dunnage Air Bags
Kraft Paper Air Bags
Vinyl Air Bags
Polywoven Air Bags
Inflator Tools

Note: To purchase kraft and polywoven Air Bags, call us or learn more details through the links above. To purchase vinyl Air Bags and inflation tools, use the links above to buy online.