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Custom Wood Shipping Crates

Precision-Built Wooden Shipping Crates for Maximum Product Protection

Litco’s Custom Crating and Wood Solutions is your go-to for precision wood shipping crates. With our expertise, we build custom shipping crates to meet your products’ unique shipping needs throughout the supply chain.

Whether you need an exact replica of your current wood shipping crate or an innovative new design, Litco delivers. We use high-quality wood and, if needed, protective materials like corrugated void filler and edge protectors. The result? Durable, reusable shipping crates that protect your products throughout the supply chain.

Litco offers a full range of dimensional lumber, including SPF (Spruce-Pine-Fur) and SYP (Southern Yellow Pine), as well as engineered wood sheeting like OSB or CDX.

We design and build wood shipping crates with custom features such as load-bearing, saddles, lids and tie-down anchor points. Additional options include knocked-down designs for flat shipping and quick assembly, along with heat treatment and ISPM-15 stamping for export compliance.

wood shipping crates