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About Litco International
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Litco International, Inc. specializes in bio-based, environmentally sustainable distribution and transport packaging solutions. They are both economical and cost-saving. Our products are designed to protect your products throughout the supply chain, arriving on your customer’s receiving dock in the same condition as when they left your loading dock.

THE ENGINEERED WOOD PRODUCTS GROUP specializes in Inca™ Engineered Molded Wood™ pallets and core plugs. They’re proven to outperform other options for one-way and export shipping by reducing costs and the environmental impact of supply chains. New to the product line are Engineered Extruded Wood™ blocks to be used as a component in conventional solid-wood pallets.

A few of the advantages are:

  • Dimensional stability, high strength and stiffness
  • IPPC-ISPM 15 export compliant— no pests, mold resistant, free of listeria and sanitized
  • Certified BioPreferred by the USDA
  • Cradle to Cradle CertifiedTM Sustainable by MBDC

THE PRODUCT PROTECTION & DAMAGE PREVENTION GROUP specializes in properly blocking and bracing unit loads for domestic & export shipping in over-the-road vans, export shipping containers and rail cars.

The line includes a variety of lightweight, flexible corrugated void fillers to prevent cargo movement.

  • Corrugated paper bulkhead void fillers prevent forward/backward movement
  • Corrugated paper void fillers that store flat & expand to fill spaces between loads

Other products include AAR approved inflatable, Kraft paper & reusable poly-woven dunnage bags and anti-slip friction rubber mats.

Litco’s corporate office is located in Vienna, OH. The production plants are located in Dover, OH; Sardis, MS; Warren, OH and Wellford, SC.

History, Commitment to Employees and Corporate Responsibility

Since its beginning in 1962, Litco has emphasized environmentally sustainable, quality products. We believe in developing our peoples’ talents, expanding product lines, and effectively managing our internal and external resources.

Litco applies biblically-based operating principles in our business and community relationships. Therefore, we are commitment to donating a portion of our corporate pre-tax net profits to both Christian and charitable causes

We also believe that God created the Earth, men and women were created in the image of God and He calls on us as stewards to protect it. Therefore, our preference is to offer products that are environmentally sustainable.

Litco pursues a philosophy that its people are responsible for making the company succeed; so, the company has a responsibility to its people. Read our Mission Statement .  At Litco, we hire the best people we can find and then provide them with training and the best possible working environment.

At Litco headquarters our working environment would rank alongside the best in Corporate America. Litco employees have access to on-site amenities which include; a fully equipped 2,000 square foot fitness center, stocked fishing and swimming lake, picnic pavilion, walking trail and volley ball court. Litco keeps its people informed of company goals, objectives, actions, and financial plans. Informed and happy people, if they are the right people, are the key ingredient to building a successful company.

Litco is always interested in seeking passionate professionals that we can further develop and mentor for positions in all functions including; administrative, packaging sales, degreed packaging sales engineers, marketing and accounting who are looking for career-making opportunities.

Litco’s corporate headquarters is situated in Vienna, OH, a family-oriented area of the country. Vienna is geographically positioned within 90 miles of Cleveland, OH and Pittsburgh, PA.

The Inca Engineered Wood Products facilities are located in Dover, OH and Sardis, MS. The Dover plant is within 30 miles of the Canton, Ohio Hall of Fame for Professional American football. The Sardis, MS pant is 53 miles south of Memphis, TN.

The Product Protection and Damage Prevention products are available from plants located in; Warren, OH which is close to Litco’s headquarters and Wellford, SC which is 20 miles from Spartanburg, SC.

Bio-Based, Environmentally Sustainable Product Solutions

The IncaTM brand of Engineered WoodTM Products. They include, Engineered Molded WoodTM Pallets for one-way domestic and IPPC-ISPM 15 approved export shipping and Engineered Molded WoodTM Core plugs that are used for preventing the crushing of rolled goods during transport. Both products are Certified BioPreferred by the USDA and Cradle to Cradle CertifiedTM Sustainable by MBDC.

Other bio-based products include:

  • Conventional wooden pallets and corrugated paper pallets.
  • Corrugated paper void fillers which are a lightweight, flexibly configured system to prevent movement of cargo sold under the names; DIAMOND-PAK®, DIAMOND-CORR®, SADDLE-PAK® , WOOD PACK, and air inflatable dunnage bags made from Kraft paper.
  • Non-bio-based products offered are reusable poly-woven air inflatable dunnage bags and  LitcoSecure anti-slip friction (recycled) rubber mat.

Planting 50,000 Trees with the National Forest Foundation

On March 1st, 2021, Litco announced a key partnership with the National Forest Foundation (“NFF”) to increase the Company’s conservation efforts through tree planting. Litco pledged to donate 10,000 trees each year over the next five years to reach the Company’s projected goal of 50,000 trees planted by 2025.

Learn more and see the current count of trees planted »

Jesus Film Project

As part of our commitment to biblical principles, Litco supports the distribution of the Jesus Film Project. Based on the Gospel of Luke, this film has been translated into more than 2000 languages and has introduced millions worldwide to the story of Jesus. To watch the film online, visit www.jesusfilm.org. To request a free DVD, please contact us.

Company Details

Website: https://www.litco.com/

Headquarters: Vienna, Ohio

Year Founded: 1962

Company Type: Private Company

Company Size: 51-200 employees

Corporate motto: “With God, All Things Are Possible”

All Litco products are designed to Carry your products safely and
securely on through the most demanding supply chains.