Pharmaceutical, Food Companies Find Presswood Pallet Ideal For BP-Free Transit Packaging

The use of BP-free export pallets is particularly important to ensure product safety in the food, produce, and pharmaceutical industries.

Although banned in the U.S., many of the materials used by overseas pallet manufacturers to prevent mold, insect infestations, and fire hazards, including Brominated phenols (TBP), trichlorophenol (TCP) and methyl phenols (MP), can impart strong odors that result in product contamination.  The toxicity of these materials poses significant public health and environmental safety concerns.

Leading pharmaceutical companies, including Abbott and Alcon Laboratories, are now partnering with Litco to meet their BP-free transit packaging pallet requirements. Litco’s solution, the Inca presswood pallet, is certified to be free of these harmful chemicals.

Presswood pallets are Cradle to Cradle Certified (cm) Silver for sustainability by MBDC.  They are made from a combination of wood fiber and resin precision molded under high heat and pressure in a unique process.  “We have assurance from our wood vendors that the recycled materials we use for the pallets — damaged logs, wood waste, and other wood by-products — does not contain these chemicals,” according to Litco officials.

The extreme heat used to mold presswood pallets reduces moisture content to less than 3 percent, naturally ridding them of insect infestations and imparting much higher mold resistance compared to conventional heat treated wooden pallets.

These enhanced performance characteristics make presswood pallets an ideal choice for export related applications.  And, because they are considered “processed wood”, Litco pallets are not regulated by IPPC-ISPM 15 and are welcome worldwide, as is.

Presswood pallets also offer shippers a number of additional advantages over traditional wood pallets, including lower handling and storage costs, ergonomic benefits, and consistent tare weights.   To learn more about BP-free presswood pallets suitable for food, produce, pharmaceutical, and export applications, contact Litco International, Inc. at 330-539-5433 or

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Litco international, Inc, based in Vienna, Ohio, is North America’s leading source of International Pallet Solutions to ease the pains of export and domestic shipping.  Litco’s Inca Presswood pallets are ideal for export applications because they are pest free and therefore, do not need to be regulated by IPPC-ISPM 15.  They are a complement to any sustainment program and are Cradle to Cradle Certifiedcm Silver by MBDC.

Litco also offers a full range of pallet types, core plugs for roll ends and load securement products to move products safely through the most demanding supply chains. Litco was established in 1962 and ships from facilities located in Dover, OH, Warren, OH, Sardis, MS and Wellford, SC. For more information, visit


Pharmaceutical, Food Companies Find Presswood Pallet Ideal For BP-Free Transit Packaging