High Performance Shipping Pallets and
Damage Prevention Products

Improve Supply Chain Efficiency During Domestic and International Shipping

Engineered Molded Wood

Outperforms other pallets for one‑way shipping

  • High Strength, Stiffness and Functionality
  • Solid Deck for Reinforced Product Protection
  • Ready for Export
  • Space-Saving Nest-able Design

Core Plugs
Engineered Molded Wood

Protects Rolled Paper, Plastic and Foil Products

  • Safe and Easy to Insert
  • Dimensionally Stable
  • Tight fit Into Roll Ends
  • High crush and side impact resistance

Void Fill / Dunnage

Lightweight, Flexibly Configured
Reusable System

  • Prevent Back to Front & Sideways Cargo Shift
  • Single Pallet Complete Stabilization
  • Fill Empty Spaces Between Pallets

Engineered Molded Wood Pallets, Core Plugs and Load Securement
Solutions for Domestic and Export Shipping

Litco International specializes in innovative, cost effective, sustainable
transport packaging and load securement solutions that are designed for LTL,
truckload, rail, overseas container and air shipping.

All Litco products are designed to Carry your products safely and
securely on through the most demanding supply chains.