2012 Alternative Material Pallet Guide Now Available

Each year the editors of Pallet Enterprise combine results of surveys completed by participating companies and publicly available information to create a comprehensive list of specialty pallet manufacturers.  In addition to creating a directory which is available for download in PDF format, the editors at Pallet Enterprise share thoughts on Alternative Material Pallets in a recent article. Key takeaways from their report include:

  • 63% of the companies surveyed offer plastic pallets manufactured using rotationally molding, injection molding, and vacuum forming
  • 26% offer corrugated pallets
  • 16% manufacture steel pallets
  • 15% produce pallets manufactured with aluminum
  • A small sampling of respondents also offer wood composite, honeycomb, and (Litco’s) presswood pallets

It should come as no surprise that many of the companies listed in the directory market their pallets by touting the same design features that differentiate Litco’s presswood pallets from traditional, hardwood pallets:  light-weight, sanitary, and sustainable.  They also cite the lack of heat treatment or fumigation requirements and the export ready nature of their pallets as key benefits.

Although many of the vendors referenced are relative newcomers to the specialty pallet market, Litco has offered a lighter, nestable, eco-friendly, Inca Presswood Pallet since 1979.  When ISPM-15 regulations adopted to eliminate the use of insect infested wood created new demand for “export ready” pallets, Litco already had a commercially viable presswood alternative to plastic, corrugated and heat treated or fumigated wooden pallets.  Litco has also offered 48” x 40” plastic pallets for a number of years.

At Litco, we take pride in our longstanding commitment to our presswood alternative to the more mainstream types of pallets.  With this said, we also recognize presswood is not an ideal solution for every specialty pallet application, and as such, we have recently broadened our product offering to include new plastic pallet sizes, as well as heat treated wooden and corrugated pallets.  We expect to finish a comprehensive overhaul of our website to include detailed product information and online ordering capabilities for our entire pallet offering in the first quarter of 2013. For immediate assistance with plastic, corrugated, or heat treated pallets, contact Litco International for more information.

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2012 Alternative Material Pallet Guide Now Available