Protect Your Rolled Products with Litco’s Engineered Molded Wood™ Core Plugs

Litco Core Plugs Showcase

Manufacturers and converters of paper, plastic film and metallic foils know that a crushed product roll can lead to significant financial losses and operational headaches. 

That’s why Litco developed its line of Inca-branded Engineered Molded Wood™ Core Plugs, designed to provide superior protection against crush and side impact damage during handling, transportation and storage.

Litco Core Plugs Showcase

Litco’s core plugs offer several key benefits compared to conventional particle board plugs:

  • Higher density construction that exceeds industry crush standards, with minimum crush resistance ranging from 2,200 lbs for 4″ and 6″ plugs up to 7,500 lbs for 12″ plugs. This ensures your rolled products remain in pristine condition.

  • Uniform dimensions thanks to Litco’s automated engineered molding process, which combines hard and soft wood fibers with resin under high heat and pressure. The consistent size and shape provide dimensional stability and enable a tight fit in the roll’s core.
  • Clean performance with minimal flaking or dust, preventing contamination of the rolled product.

In addition to high performance, Litco delivers exceptional customer service and fast delivery. The company maintains a steady inventory in its two U.S. production facilities, resulting in minimal lead times. Expert product specialists are also available to provide technical support.

This maximum performance comes at a cost-effective price point. Litco’s high-volume production and optimized molding process enable it to offer these core plugs at a nominal cost per roll.

Litco’s core plugs are available in diameters ranging from 4″ to 12″ to fit the most common roll core sizes. The plugs are independently certified sustainable by both the Cradle to Cradle® and USDA BioPreferred® standards. They are responsibly made in the USA and are fully recyclable after use.

Don’t risk product damage from inferior core plugs! Contact us today to request a quote from one of Litco’s protective packaging experts to learn how we can provide the solution you’re looking for.


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Protect Your Rolled Products with Litco’s Engineered Molded Wood™ Core Plugs