Buy Export Pallets Online: Litco International Announces Launch of New E-Commerce Website

After months of development, Litco has officially launched a new website to facilitate the online purchase of molded wood pallets, core plugs, inflatable dunnage, void fill, anti-friction mats, desiccants, and our innovative LITKIT® Universal Washing Machine Shipping Stabilization Kit online.  Although the new website does cater to the needs of buyers looking to purchase small […]

How the Core Crisis Presents New Opportunities for Pallet Manufacturers

Chaille Brindley’s recent article in Pallet Enterprise suggests the core shortage witnessed over the last two years is becoming the new norm, prompting recyclers to find new ways to meet customer demand.  Although one might think the core crisis is strictly the domain of recyclers and their customers, the scarcity of cores is having a […]

2012 Alternative Material Pallet Guide Now Available

Each year the editors of Pallet Enterprise combine results of surveys completed by participating companies and publicly available information to create a comprehensive list of specialty pallet manufacturers.  In addition to creating a directory which is available for download in PDF format, the editors at Pallet Enterprise share thoughts on Alternative Material Pallets in a […]

Online Retailing and the Future of Pallets

With the holiday shopping season just around the corner, economic forecasters are already trying to make sense of the numbers.  How will retailers fare this year?  Will consumer spending rise or fall when compared with last year’s numbers? When will 2012 retailer profit levels move from red to black?   Chaille Brindley’s recent article in Pallet […]

Five Keys to Optimal Pallet Design

Pallet Enterprise’s archived article titled “Balance Your Pallet Design” explains how optimal pallet performance is achieved by striking a balance between five interacting design considerations:  strength, stiffness, durability, functionality, and cost.  By focusing on the interaction between these variables and taking the time to consider specific product and distribution environments, logistics professionals and suppliers have […]

New 48” x 45” Presswood Automotive Pallet Is Cost-Effective Alternative to Plastic

Litco International Inc., North America’s leading source of Inca presswood pallets, today announced the launch of a nestable 48” x 45”. The pallet is specifically designed to meet the needs of Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers to the automotive industry that can use a low cost nestable, non-plastic pallet. The automotive industry has traditionally […]

Presswood versus Plastic Pallets

One popular misconception in the logistics world is that plastic pallets are inherently superior to wooden alternatives thanks to their (optional) nestable design and resistance to edge impact and infestation.  Their manufacture does not result in deforestation, and at the end of their useful life, plastic pallets can be converted to re-grind and used to […]

Clarifying IPPC- ISPM 15 Standards for Recycled Pallets

The ISPM-15 standard is designed to prevent the spread of insects and disease via overseas wood packaging materials such as crates, dunnage, and pallets.  The ISPM 15 logo stamp certifies that a wooden pallet has been manufactured using debarked lumber and heat treated or fumigated, making it free of insects and safe for export use.  […]

How Pallet Selection Can Reduce Your Carbon Footprint and Logistics Costs

We have arrived at the dawn of a new age of pallet marketing where “less” is becoming a popular area of consideration for decision makers in the logistics and materials handling fields.  Although much of today’s promotional pallet literature still touts more – more size and material choices, greater strength, or increased resistance to mold […]