Wood Product Recovery and Recycling Report: 2010

Wood Product Recovery Report



The Molded Products Group of Litco International, Inc. is committed to respecting our environment and ensuring that all of our Inca presswood products leave the world a better place.

Our commitment begins with Cradle to Cradle(R) certified Inca presswood products such as pallets and core plugs that complement corporate sustainability initiatives. Inca brand products are source reducing because they up-cycle pre- and post-consumer wood waste as the main material in the products. Inca pallets used for transport packaging are up to 60% lighter than conventional green hardwood pallets and further reduce transportation, energy and handling costs.

We put action behind our commitment by offering the following products and services in selected areas of the U.S.A.:

1. The pickup and sorting of truckloads of good, used Inca presswood pallets and core plugs for ultimate resale and reuse.  The value of the products may vary depending on the product, size, condition, amount of usable product and location.

2. The pickup of spent Inca presswood products. We offer collection services of our products when they reach the end of their useful life. They can be up-cycled into a variety of uses. The cost of the removal services varies by geographic location.

3. At Litco, we extend our collection services to other clean wood materials manufactured by other suppliers. We have the ability to up-cycle most natural and engineered wood materials made with adhesives.

4. To avoid landfilling, Litco offers the used wood for sale. It is useful for making new products or applications such as: absorbents, animal bedding, composting and boiler fuel. Litco’s Inca wood fiber is clean, low moisture, and free of metal fasteners. It is a material of choice at a weight per load in the range of 19 tons and a 6,926 BTU/ton value. Test results are available upon request.

Litco continues to explore new applications for the spent Inca materials.  Please contact us to discuss your individual wood waste use or removal needs.


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Wood Product Recovery and Recycling Report: 2010