LITMAT: Rubber Matting Floor Protection for the Moving and Storage Industry

Litmat Rubber Mat

Litco International is proud to introduce the LITMAT™, a new and innovative rubber matting and floor protection product designed to meet the needs of the moving and storage industry.

According to Chris Donadio, Sales Manager for Litco’s Load Securement & Transit Protective Packaging Division, “It is possible to improve the quality of a commonly used product, such as rug runners and floor mats, and to reduce your cost per square foot at the same time.  The secret is in finding the right alternative source material.”  Rather than using more expensive fabric materials that are woven into rug runners, the LITMAT uses recycled rubber material formed into a very durable 2mm thick mat that can be used in a variety of ways.  This multi-tasking material is mostly black in color, but all green – 100% recycled and 100% recyclable.

The LITMAT is made in the U.S.A. and comes in 2mm thick, 27″ x 50″ rolls, but these rubber floor protecting mats can be custom-cut to specific widths and lengths to meet a customer’s specific needs. LITMAT is also available in sheets and can be made into other thicknesses, if desired, but the standard 2mm thickness provides outstanding protection for common uses at the lowest possible cost.

This strong polymer material is durable enough for indoor and outdoor use, is easy to clean, offers anti-skid properties, and keeps the least of the sure-footed from slipping while moving up and down the runner.

Outstanding construction and material selections make LITMAT stronger and more durable than the competition.  Physical properties of LITMAT  include:

  • tensile (wide) is 216 psi
  • elongation (wide) is 67%
  • tensile (across) is 251 psi
  • elongation (across) is 74%
  • tear is 73.3 PPI

LITMAT is ideal for hardwood and vinyl floors, as well as carpet, providing superior protection from foot traffic and hand carts as workers diligently move shippers Household Goods from home to home.  Although LITMAT is quickly becoming popular with professional movers, we do not suggest that homeowners use this product as a permanent runner on vinyl flooring after their move is complete as plasticizer migration may occur.  To learn more about LITMAT, request a sample, or place an order, contact Litco International today!


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LITMAT: Rubber Matting Floor Protection for the Moving and Storage Industry