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Lean and Green Export Ready Pallets Are Perfect Fit For Lincoln Electric

By partnering with Litco International, Lincoln Electric is meeting European export requirements, streamlining its pallet inventory, and receiving an added sustainability benefit too.    “In the past, our shipments to Europe were sometimes held up for inspection,” says Tom Soster, manufacturing engineering manager for Cleveland-based manufacturer of arc welding machines and consummables. “Now, the presswood pallets flow right through.”

Lincoln began investigating presswood export pallets several years ago as part of a cost reduction program.  At the time, the manufacturer was purchasing construction-grade pine and fabricating export pallets in-house.   In addition to maintaining an inventory of nine different sizes that took up valuable dock space, the pallets had to be bark free and manufactured from heat-treated lumber to meet European regulations for export pallets.Continue Reading…

Looking Ahead to ISPM-15: Pallet Companies Provide a Unique Perspective

A recent article by Bob Johnson in Produce Business demonstrates how pallet companies can offer a surprising amount of insight into all aspects of industrial packaging and shipping, beyond their traditional roles of product protection and damage prevention. Their knowledge and experience with all points along the supply chain — from production, processing, and logistics to distribution, warehousing and transportation — can be invaluable to companies looking for inefficiencies in their systems or ways to reduce costs.Continue Reading…

Wooden Export Pallets: Canada Prepares for Treated Shipping Pallets

Article from Modern Materials Handling suggests bi-lateral exemption on treated pallets may be ending in 2014.

An interesting story recently came out in MMH reflecting a potentially longer timeline than previously thought on required compliance with international shipping regulations regarding treatment of wood products used for shipping between USA and Canada. Bob Trebilcock, editor at Modern material Handling has been questioned by leading manufacturers who ship from the United States into Canada asking whether they will have to treat their pallets and if so, when.

The questions are directed to Trebilcock, to get clarification on a proposal posted in late December 2010 from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS.) That original proposal would remove the exemption from ISPM 15 on wood packaging material moving between Canada and the United States in both directions beginning in 2011.

“Right now, we’re the only jurisdiction in the world that has this bi-lateral agreement not to require treated pallets between our two countries,” Eggertson of the Canadian Wood Pallet and Container Association is quoted as saying in the article. Given that an estimated 300 million pallets pass back and forth each year between the two countries, it’s a big deal.

Of course here at LITCO, we are ready for ISPM 15 Certified Pallet regulations because we have been supplying US companies with these international-safe shipping pallets for years.