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Effective Unitized Loads: Connections Between Packaging, Pallets, and Material Handling Equipment

An archived Pallet Enterprise article provides an excellent case study demonstrating the relationship between packaging, pallets and material handling equipment.

Boxed bottles of antifreeze were stored on pallets in overhead racks.  After several months of storage, facility managers found themselves cleaning up leaking antifreeze that had covered the warehouse floor.  The boxes could have supported the antifreeze on certain pallets and the pallets could have performed properly on certain racks, but together, the result was an expensive mess.  Should the box manufacturer bear the costs of the cleanup, or was the pallet supplier at fault?  The Virginia Tech Center for Unit Load Design was consulted to develop a unit load design for future shipments to the facility.Continue Reading…

Litco Pallets Used for Shipping Lincoln Electric Welding Equipment

With a new presswood pallet, Lincoln Electric is meeting European export requirements, streamlining its pallet inventory, and getting a sustainability benefit to boot.

Inca presswood pallets are helping Lincoln Electric comply with export shipping requirements for pallets to be free of bark and insects. “In the past, our shipments to Europe were sometimes held up for inspection,” says Tom Soster, manufacturing engineering manager for Cleveland-based manufacturer of arc welding machines and consummables. “Now, the presswood pallets flow right through.”

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