How to Use Dunnage Air Bags

Dunnage Air Bags – How to Use

Four Easy Steps To A Totally Protected Cargo

Litco International is proud to offer a line of shipping and cargo protection products that can save you money. As a “turn key” distributor we can also offer everything you need to set your operation on a cost-effective track. We offer lightweight air compressors, convenient hose wind-up reels, and several styles of inflator tools that make inflation a snap.

Step 1

When deflated, light weight bag is easy to load between sections. Make sure placement allows access to inflation valve.

How to Use Dunnage Air Bags Step 1

Step 2

For proper inflation, fill bag until load is secured and void space is completely filled.

step 3

Double check air pressure with snap-on combo inflator tool or air gauge. If pressure is over manufacturer’s guidelines, reduce pressure to recommended level. Load will remain set.

step 4

To remove after shipment, simply puncture at arm’s length, remove, and discard.


Litco International can train you how to properly block and brace your loads with Litco’s Dunnage Bags and Void Fillers. Our training programs are complete with customized posters to hang at your dock door with step by step instructions. We have a video training tape available showing how your products get damaged during transport, and how to prevent it. Contact Us to receive a free training video or CD.