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Looking Ahead to ISPM-15: Pallet Companies Provide a Unique Perspective

A recent article by Bob Johnson in Produce Business demonstrates how pallet companies can offer a surprising amount of insight into all aspects of industrial packaging and shipping, beyond their traditional roles of product protection and damage prevention. Their knowledge and experience with all points along the supply chain — from production, processing, and logistics to distribution, warehousing and transportation — can be invaluable to companies looking for inefficiencies in their systems or ways to reduce costs.Continue Reading…

Litco Introduces Half-Size Wooden Export Pallet

24-by-40-Inch Pallet Adds Efficiency, Reduces Costs for Small Loads

Litco International Inc., North America’s leading source of Inca presswood pallets, today announced the launch of a “half-size” pallet for the domestic market, a 24-by-40-in. product that will enhance efficiency and reduce costs for shippers of small loads.

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