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Basic Blocking and Bracing

Basic fundamental skills, tasks, or roles necessary in business – often referred to as “blocking and tackling” – is a reference to the game of football, in which blocking and tackling are the most basic skills, but critically important to the success of a team as a whole. Likewise, every manufacturing company has some basic blocking and tackling that must be dealt with in the supply chain and logistics management of the business.

Here at Litco – we revise that metaphor to BASIC BLOCKING AND BRACING.

Litco’s Dunnage Group can help you realize dramatic savings to your bottom line by reducing product damage in transit through cargo loading efficiency, and effective use of low-cost blocking and bracing tools.

With a per-truckload cost as low as $53.00, Litco’s Corrugated Void Fillers and Corrugated Void Panels combined with inflatable dunnage airbags offers flexible, instantly employable, reusable system for truck loading personnel to secure every load you ship.

For more information about Litco’s corrugated void fill options, download Litco’s Guide to Four Blocking / Bracing Dunnage Tools (Infographic).


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