29 Ohio Counties and Several States Quarantine Ash Lumber

Ash lumber now under quarantine in 29 Ohio counties. Litco’s Inca pallets save money and offer a safe approved shipping material.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service recently announced the expanded crackdown on the movement of regulated materials. Wood packaging is included in the regulation and will be monitored for compliance. The move is intended to stall the artificial spread of the emerald ash borer, an insect native to China. They are thought to have arrived through Michigan ports in packaging materials and are responsible for the death of over 25 million ash trees in the USA. It is now illegal to remove any part of an ash tree from 29 counties in Ohio and some in Illinois, Indiana and other states.

Litco International Inc. is the source for a safe and approved alternate shipping material, Litco’s line of Inca presswood products. The line includes: pallets, boards and core plugs. All Inca products are certified bug free and are safe to transport intra and interstate. They also meet the requirements for bug free use for international shipments according to the new ISPM 15 (International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures) for exporting of wood packaging, helping to eliminate costly delays at foreign ports.

Inca pallets are molded under high heat and pressure, eliminating the need for additional treatment against infestation and mold. They are also free of bark, an expensive requirement for conventional hardwood and softwood pallets that may be demanded in the near future by European Union nations.

Inca pallets are preferred for export and domestic applications by companies such as, Kodak, General Electric, Siemens & Quad Graphics because they cost less to purchase, inventory and handle. Since they are ISPM 15-compliant, they are exempt from additional treatment, stamping and markings that indicate compliance.

Litco’s Inca products are accepted anywhere in the USA and the world as an alternative to treated lumber, corrugated and plastic. They are available in all of the most popular standard U.S domestic pallet sizes as well as the Euro 1,200 millimeter by 800 millimeter and the 600 millimeter by 800 millimeter in quantities as low as 100 pallets. A 24-inch by 40-inch pallet ( half GMA size) for smaller loads is now available and priced as low as $5.45 in truckload lots.

For more information on Inca products, and for a current ISPM 15 update, contact the Molded Products Group of Litco International Inc. at (330) 539-5433, or at


29 Ohio Counties and Several States Quarantine Ash Lumber