Molded Wood Pallets

Looking for a safer shipping pallet?
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Try Litco’s Engineered Molded Wood Heavy-Duty Pallets!

If the pallets that you are buying resemble the repaired ones pictured here, and cause you concern, then try our brand new Inca molded wood pallets.

Litco’s molded pallets will reduce your risk because they are safer to use. They are also designed to enhance the look and performance of your packaging. Inca pallets are affordably priced. In the end, they actually cost less than many low-priced alternatives.

Inca Molded Pallets Are Safer and Better!

  • No sharp, protruding nails and loose boards
  • Reduce lifting injuries – lighter weight
  • Nestability reduces fork truck traffic 64%
  • Clean – free of listeria, pests, and hazardous chemicals
  • Durable, strong and stiff
  • Nestable – less storage space
  • High resistance to moisture and mold
  • Export ready per IPPC-ISPM15
  • Cradle to Cradle Certified™ Sustainable

Try a FREE SAMPLE today and discover the savings and peace of mind that comes with every Inca pallet.

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Available Molded Wood Pallet Sizes

Product NameDimensionsPrice
20" x 24" Molded Wood Pallet20" x 24"As low as $4.85More Details
24" x 40" Molded Wood Pallet24" x 40"As low as $6.50More Details
42" x 42" Molded Wood Pallet42" x 42"As low as $11.00More Details
44" x 44" Molded Wood Pallet44" x 44"As low as $11.50More Details
45" x 45" Molded Wood Pallet45" x 45"As low as $11.90More Details
48" x 40" Molded Wood Pallet48" x 40"As low as $11.00More Details
48" x 42" Molded Wood Pallet48" x 42"As low as $11.90More Details
48" x 45" Molded Wood Pallet48" x 45"As low as $12.40More Details
600mm x 800mm Molded Wood Pallet600mm x 800mmAs low as $9.60More Details
1200mm x 800mm Molded Wood Pallet1200mm x 800mmAs low as $14.00More Details

All Litco products are designed to Carry your products safely and
securely on through the most demanding supply chains.