Molded Wood Pallets

48" x 40" Molded Wood Pallet
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Litco’s brand new pallets actually cost less than reconditioned pallets!

New 48" x 40" PalletsAs low as $11.50 each


  • Every pallet is brand new and usable
  • Consistent strength and stiffness
  • Meets export heat treatment (ISPM 15) requirements
  • Pest, mold and Listeria free
  • Clean, dry and safe to handle – nail free
  • Nestable, stackable design saves storage space

48″ x 40″ Export Ready Molded Wood Pallets

The most popular and typically used size throughout North America is a 48″ x 40″ pallet, often referred to as a GMA pallet. “GMA pallets” refers to the Grocery Manufacturers Association specification developed to keep pallet dimensions consistent throughout the grocery wholesale distribution cycle.

A great low cost alternative to conventional wooden GMA pallets, the Inca molded wood 48″ x 40″ pallet can be used multiple times, yielding a lower cost per trip yet at $11.50 each is inexpensive enough to treat as a one-way pallet. Three load capacity ratings range from medium-duty to extra-heavy-duty applications; select the optimal design based on the weight and stacking requirements for your palletized products:


Available 48″ x 40″ Molded Wood Pallet Types:

Product Name Dynamic Capacity* Static Capacity* Item No. F.O.B. Shipping Point(s)
48" x 40" Medium Duty Molded Wood Pallet 1,500 lbs. 4,500 lbs. IE134840 Dover, OH &
Sardis, MS
48" x 40" Heavy Duty Molded Wood Pallet 2,000 lbs. 6,000 lbs. IE124840 Dover, OH &
Sardis, MS
48" x 40" Extra Heavy Duty Molded Wood Pallet 2,500 lbs. 7,500 lbs. IE114840 Dover, OH &
Sardis, MS

*Capacities are based on full, uniform load testing per ASTM D1185

Every Inca pallet is considered export ready and not regulated by ISPM-15 because they considered “processed wood” thus free of insect pests. These pallets are easy for employees to handle and easily reused, disposed of or recycled.

Lightweight, Yet Strong and Durable

Weighing just 34 lbs., our 1,500-lb. dynamic load capacity (medium-duty) 48″ x 40″ pallet maintains superior structural integrity under load as compared to conventional style, nailed wooden pallets and even more expensive plastic pallets. Unloaded individual pallet weights for all 3 duty ratings are shown below:

  • Medium Duty – 34 lbs. (+/- 1.5)
  • Heavy Duty – 38.5 lbs. (+/- 1.5)
  • Extra Heavy Duty – 41 lbs. (+/- 1.5)

Inca 48″x40″ pallets are molded under high heat and pressure from reclaimed chipped wood fiber and resin, making them water and mold resistant. Durable enough to be reused and inexpensive enough to be expendable make these ideal for return and reuse programs or in situations where pallet loss is difficult to manage.

Space-Saving, Nested Storage Design

A stack of fifty 48″ x 40″ molded wood pallets stands approximately 7′ high. This space saving ratio of 4:1 (when compared to conventional nailed wooden pallets) can provide you significant savings in handling and storage costs both in your warehouse and in shipping product. NOTE: for each additional pallet, add ~2″ to height of stack.

Safe and Practical Protection

Because Inca pallets weigh up to 50% less than conventional hardwood pallets, they are safer and easier to handle. Package and product damage due to tears and punctures contribute significantly to waste. Molded wood pallets have all rounded corners and tapered legs which make them ideal for stretch or shrink wrapping. And, there are no nails or splinters to damage your products. Most importantly, the rounded design helps to minimize employee and customer injuries during handling.

Export Ready Pallet ISPM 15 OK

Molded wood pallets are acceptable for import into any country. They are not regulated by IPPC-ISPM 15 because they are considered “processed wood.” The high heat manufacturing process eliminates the need for any additional treatments against any insects or larva.

Environmentally Responsible

The Inca process turns damaged logs, wood waste and other wood by-products into brand-new, wood pallets using a high heat and pressure molding process. Molded wooden pallets are Cradle to Cradle CertifiedTM Sustainable by MBDC, which verifies the use of healthy materials and eco intelligent design.

All Litco products are designed to Carry your products safely and
securely on through the most demanding supply chains.