Engineered Molded Wood™ Export Grade Pallets

Engineered Molded Wood EXPORTER™ Pallets


Extreme Product Protection During Export Shipping

  • Safe load ratings up to 2500 lbs. dynamic, and 7500 lbs. static, per ASTM Standard D1185
  • Internationally recognized and accepted without special license stamps
  • IPPC-ISPM 15 Heat-Treated (HT) compliant, ready for export as-is
  • Low moisture content resists mold and termites in high-humidity conditions
  • High stiffness pallet deck reduces vibration transmissions and package damage
  • Consistent strength, size, weight and level deck surface
  • Surprisingly low cost

Ideal for containerized overseas, export shipping

Litco’s molded wood pallet outperforms leading alternatives!

Our pallets are designed for high strength and stiffness!

Why are stiffer pallets always better?


  • Improved product protection
  • Higher load stability
  • Reduce vibration transmissions and stresses on packages
  • Resist load shifting during transportation
  • Allow the potential to reduce other packaging and containment material costs

Want to see the science behind our performance claims?
Click here for a free copy of our white paper that compares Litco’s Inca molded pallet to conventional new and repaired wooden pallets for one-way and export shipping

Space-saving, ‘nest-able’ storage design provides significant savings on shipping, handling and storage.

Protect your products and provide a high resistance to fork-related, pallet edge damages with The Exporter’s solid top deck.

Most Exporter sizes offer full four-way entry with both pallet jacks and lift trucks. This allows you to easily position pallets in the tight spaces of overseas containers.

All Litco Molded Wood™ Pallets Are Export Grade

Available Sizes

Product NameDimensionsPrice
20" x 24" Molded Wood Pallet20" x 24"As low as $4.85More Details
24" x 40" Molded Wood Pallet24" x 40"As low as $7.30More Details
42" x 42" Molded Wood Pallet42" x 42"As low as $11.50More Details
44" x 44" Molded Wood Pallet44" x 44"As low as $12.00More Details
45" x 45" Molded Wood Pallet45" x 45"As low as $12.40More Details
48" x 40" Molded Wood Pallet48" x 40"As low as $11.50More Details
48" x 42" Molded Wood Pallet48" x 42"As low as $11.90More Details
48" x 45" Molded Wood Pallet48" x 45"As low as $13.00More Details
600mm x 800mm Molded Wood Pallet600mm x 800mmAs low as $9.60More Details
1200mm x 800mm Molded Wood Pallet1200mm x 800mmAs low as $14.00More Details

Cannot Find A Size Or Shape That You Are Looking For Here?

Litco specializes in three-dimensional shaped, engineered extruded and compression molded products made from wood fiber and resin. Simply tell us what you are looking for, the application, the overall size and the annual volume potential. We will let you know if we can make it.

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Litco’s “Exporter” Molded Wood Pallets Improve Supply Chain Efficiency

Cost Effective

Litco’s molded wooden pallets offer you a high performance, low cost alternative to conventional, new and rebuilt wooden pallets, and plastic and corrugated pallets for one-way domestic and export shipping. View Full Product / Price List


Ready For Export

All of Litco’s molded wood pallets are considered “processed wood” and “exempt” from the IPPC-ISPM 15 export packaging regulations. They are a low-cost, hassle free way to export your product. Because of the high-heat process, they are free of unwanted pests and are welcome, as is, into any trading member country. They do not require any additional heat treatment or stamping for export use. View Our Export Certificate.

The following is a link to the IPPC-ISPM 15 regulation. Please see page 6, “Requirements, Regulated Wood Packaging Material, Section 2.1 Exemptions, item 2”.

Mold Resistant

The heat-treating process for killing infestation with conventional wooden pallets actually draws moisture to the surface of the pallet. In high humidity conditions, without the proper ventilation while stored indoors or in overseas containers, the moisture may promote the growth of mold.

This is not the case with Litco’s pallets. The typical moisture content of the molded wood pallet is typically 3% at the time of manufacture. That is equal to 86% less moisture content than new hardwood pallets and 30% less than repaired wooden pallets. At this low moisture, they are less likely to promote the growth of mold and attract moisture sensing pests.


The hot pressing of the molded pallets at sanitizing temperatures that exceed 350 degrees Fahrenheit, makes them preferable for use in clean environments and manual handling because they are less likely to contaminate the products that it carries.

Space Saving Nest-able Design

Inca high density, molded wood pallets are formed in a 1,200 ton press at over 1,000 psi. With a space saving ratio of 2.5 to 1, you can store 1,200 48″ x 40″ molded pallets compared to 480 conventional pallets in an area of 320 square feet.

This design feature provides significant space savings in the warehouse and at the individual work stations throughout the plant. View Pallet Space Saving Charts

Pallet Dispenser

50 nested, molded wood pallets can be dispensed automatically in most automatic pallet dispensers. This equates to 2.5 times as many pallets when compared to stringer and block-style pallets. This feature will also decrease the fork truck traffic in the plant required to feed the dispenser. If your dispenser is not compatible with our pallet, we can recommend a source to modify your existing, or design a new dispenser to meet your needs. View Pallet Dispensing Video

Safe, One-piece Design

Looking for a safer pallet? Look no further! There are no sharp, protruding nails and loose boards which can injure employees and customers. The rounded corners and tapered legs also prevent tearing of outer stretch-wrap and damage to primary packaging materials. These design features directly reduce product damage and worker related claims due to injuries as they travel through the supply chain. View More Pallet Safety Information

Pallet Storage Racks

Litco’s ‘nest-able’ molded pallet designs do not have bottom deck boards as required for open beam racking. However, they can be safe to use in pallet storage racks provided that proper supports such as wire mesh or other materials have been added to the bottom surface of each rack position to distribute the weight of the unit load.

If your racks do not have the supports added to prevent pallets from falling through the racks, contact your storage rack specialist for a safe design and proper working load based on your individual weight bearing requirements.

Cradle To Cradle CertifiedTM Sustainable

Our molded wood pallets are easy on the environment. We utilize damaged logs, wood waste, and other wood by-products as the material of choice. Litco’s Inca engineered molded wood Inca pallets and core plugs are the first pallets and core plugs to achieve the honor of Cradle to Cradle CertifiedTM by working with MBDC, the leading Cradle to Cradle assessors. One reason is they are engineered by design to do more with less. That means they can carry more static and dynamic product load while using less materials and energy. View Our Cradle to Cradle Certificate

Certified USDA BioPreferred

Our molded wood pallets have earned the designation as a USDA Certified BioBased Product for using a high percentage of renewable, plant-based materials. They are eligible for the USDA BioPreferred program designation as a preferred product for the Federal Government to purchase because they exceed the minimum of 85% renewable, plant-based materials. View Our USDA BioBased Certification Letter

Durable and Light-Weight

Due to their eco–intelligent design, Inca molded wood pallets have a 52% greater resistance to fork-related, pallet edge damage. This is because they do not use nails or staples to form joints that are subject to failure upon impact. They are typically 33% lighter than new, conventional, hardwood pallets which makes them easier for manual handling and allows you to ship more of your product and less packaging materials.

Recovery and Recycling

Litco International, Inc. is committed to ensuring that all Inca engineered molded wood products are easy on the environment. Litco’s Inca engineered molded wood pallets and core plugs are the first pallets and plugs to achieve the honor of Cradle to Cradle Certificationcm by McDonough Braungart Design Chemistry (MBDC). They are also a USDA Certified BioBased Product for having a high percentage of bio-based material content.

Inca molded wood products are designed for limited reuse and are not reparable. The following list includes two potential options to assist in avoiding the landfills when they have exceeded their useful life.

Recovery: The pickup and sorting of truckloads of used Inca molded wood pallets and core plugs in ‘like-new condition’ ultimately for resale and reuse. Litco’s availability of this service and the value placed on the products, if any, will vary depending on the location, product, size, condition and amount of desirable product.

Recycling: To avoid landfilling damaged Inca pallets and core plugs, a common international practice is to have your local pallet recycler take them along with your other wood waste. The material is useful for making products such as mulch, absorbents, animal bedding, composting and boiler fuel. Litco’s Inca wood fiber is clean, low moisture, and free of metal fasteners. It is a material of choice at a weight per load in the range of 19 tons and a 6,926 BTU/ton value.

Please contact one of our Molded Wood Products Group members to discuss your individual waste removal needs.

All Litco products are designed to Carry your products safely and
securely on through the most demanding supply chains.