AAR Regulations Help Protect Against Damage

AAR Regulations Help Protect Against Damage

THE DAMAGE PREVENTION & FREIGHT CLAIM COMMITTEE – an active group within AAR (the Association of American Railroads) – develops systems to avoid accidents caused by (among other things) shifts in weight due to improper bracing and blocking of loads.

“Intermodal shipping containers or trailers may move backwards (in a reversed direction) for all or a portion of their journey. During that journey, normal transportation forces and gravity will shift any unsecured load exerting incredible pressure on contents.”

In addition to keeping intermodal container shipping safer, these rules help prevent costly damage to goods while in transit. Rules contained in AAR Circulars apply to shipments transported in the USA, Canada and Mexico and are required to be observed.

AAR regulations help protect against product damage

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The Association of American Railroads (AAR) issues official rules and regulations relating to safe train transport of intermodal shipping containers. Because forklifts, reach stackers, straddle carriers, and cranes are used to reposition an intermodal container during loading and unloading of trucks or trains along the journey, there is ample opportunity for cargo to shift inside the container if insecurely packed.

Securement standards in AAR closed car loading publications are intended for safe transit of the rail car from origin to destination. The overall goal is preventing injuries and damage to lading and equipment.

The loading methods described in publications issued by the Damage Prevention and Loading Services Section of the Association of American Railroads are minimum standards that have been evaluated and approved.  These minimum standards offer practical guidelines on the subjects covered. Since these are minimum standards, it may be necessary to supplement these methods in some instances.

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