Dunnage Air Bags

Polywoven Dunnage Air Bags
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Choose the Polywoven Air Bag that Fits Your Needs

Litco International offers polywoven dunnage air bags in a wide range of sizes and rating strengths, including Level 1/ 2-Ply, Level 2 / 4-Ply, and Level 3 / 6-Ply. The charts below show the most common sizes requested by customers along with important specifications, allowing you to choose the right air bag for your application.

Litco also offers kraft paper dunnage air bags. For more information click here.

Level 1 Polywoven Dunnage Air Bags*

Size Rating Max Cargo Restrained (Per Bag) Max Lateral Void Min-Max Height Shipping Mode Units
48" x 72" Level 1 40,000 lbs 12" 48"- 72" Truck 210 / skid Buy Online

Level 3 Polywoven Dunnage Air Bags*

Size Rating Max Lateral Void Shipping Mode Units
48" x 84" Level 3 16" Ocean Container 130 / skid Buy Online

Level 4 Polywoven Dunnage Air Bags*

Size Rating Max Lateral Void Shipping Mode Units
48" x 96" Level 4 12" Rail 120 / skid Buy Online

*Sizes shown above are the most common polywoven dunnage bag sizes requested by Litco customers. Other sizes are available upon request.

Polywoven Air Bag Advantages

Polywoven dunnage air bags are equal in quality and workmanship when compared with kraft paper, delivering superior results at comparable or lower prices. Polywoven air bags require no PE coating, and offer moisture resistance that is superior to paper dunnage. Polywoven air bags are manufactured using environmentally friendly, 100% recyclable virgin materials. Best of all, polywoven dunnage bags are reusable and deflate quickly using a removable valve. Light weight, and easy to store, polywoven is quickly becoming the dunnage of choice for shipping professionals everywhere. Whether your shipment method is rail, cargo container, or truck, protect your products from damage with a strong dependable cushion of air using inflatable polywoven dunnage bags from Litco.

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