A Comparison of Pallet Strength and Functionality

Whitepaper: A Comparison of Pallet Strength and Functionality
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Litco’s Engineered Molded Wood Pallets
GMA-Style 48” x40” New and Repaired Wooden Pallets
For One-Way and Export Shipping

We compared two distinctive types of wooden pallets. You decide the best one for you!

Get the whitepaper comparing traditional wood slat pallets
to our Engineered Molded Wood Alternative!


Engineering and design analysis has given pallet manufacturers the ability to reasonably predict a shipping pallet’s performance. Since the pallet is the foundation of the unit load, choosing one with the proper strength, stiffness and other functionality characteristics is the beginning of an efficient supply chain. This information is a valuable tool when selecting the best pallet to protect your products during the rigors of handling and shipping.

This report measures and discusses the critical functionality characteristics of two wood-based pallet types, but are made from distinctive processes. The pallets that we compared are; Litco’s innovative 48″ x 40″ Engineered Molded Wood pallet made with high heat and pressure; and the established 48″ x 40″ GMA-Style pallet made with wood slats and nails. The study focuses on how the two pallet types perform when used for typical, one-way shipping applications. Read this whitepaper and find, for example, why “Stiffer Pallets are Always Better.”

Do you know why “stiffer pallets are always better”?
Here are some hints for what you will learn about in our whitepaper…

Stiffer pallets are always better because they:

  • Are more stable when moving palletized product on forklifts
  • Reduce the compression of packaged product and reduce product compression damage
  • Reduce the vibration stresses on packaged product when being transported
  • Cause product shipped to be more stable and resistant to load shift during transportation
  • Reduce the effect of vertical vibrations on product compression
Pallet Design TestedStiffness
Inca Molded Wood Pallet (Heavy-Duty)20,000 – 22,000 pounds/inch4
GMA-Style Wood Pallet (New)10,000 – 11,000 pounds/inch4

In addition to pallet stiffness, the most important functionality characteristic,
you will learn the importance of:

  • Pallet static and dynamic strength
  • Pallet functionality
  • Resistance to rough handling
  • Pallet deck “flatness”
  • Material handling and supply chain operational efficiency
  • Ease of use for export shipments
  • Safety
  • Sustainability

Do you export?

Litco’s export-grade pallet, “THE EXPORTER,” outperforms other types of pallets for export shipping!

  • No additional costs to heat treat or stamp
  • Low moisture content of 8% at time of manufacture
  • Mold, termite and bacteria resistant
  • Sanitized at 350 degrees Fahrenheit in the molding process
  • Typically, 33% lighter than new hardwood pallets
  • Resistant to rough handling – 52% greater resistance to pallet edge damage

To learn more about “THE EXPORTER,” visit our Export Grade Pallets Page

Priced As Low As: (Truckload lots, fob point of manufacture)

$11.00 – 48” x 40” Full-size
$6.50 – 24” x 40” Half-size
$4.85 – 20” x 24” Quarter-size
(Prices are based on FOB point of manufacturing and shipments of 1,000 pallets minimum)

Space-saving, nest-able storage design provides significant savings in shipping, handling and storage costs.

Most of our Molded Wood Pallet sizes are full four-way entry with both pallet jacks and lift trucks. This allows you to easily fit additional product into shipping containers.

Get the whitepaper comparing traditional wood slat pallets
to our Engineered Molded Wood Alternative!


All Litco products are designed to Carry your products safely and
securely on through the most demanding supply chains.